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NJ Congratulates Itself on Collections from Carriers

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Every few weeks we hear of trucking companies who are being held up by the New Jersey Division of Taxation.  Many carriers don’t realize that doing pick-ups and/or deliveries in New Jersey requires them to be registered for the state’s corporate business tax.  New Jersey tax agents actively pursue carriers at truck stops and warehouses to collect this tax.  Trucks are stopped, drivers harassed, and truck, driver, and cargo may be held by agents of the state taxation department until the carrier wires money to pay off the agents’ seat-of-the-pants tax “assessment.”  The assessment is often times as much as $2,000.  In fact, in the summer issue of The New Jersey State Tax News, the department brags it has since July of last year collected $1.2 million from its stops of trucks.  See the details here:


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