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IRP Adopts Full Reciprocity (FRP) & Rental Amendments

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Voting closed on October 28, 2013, on this year’s proposals to amend the International Registration Plan. A change to the Plan requires a three-quarters vote of the states and provinces, and when the ballots were counted, the Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP) was adopted by a vote of 50 to 6, and an important change to leased truck registration was adopted by 44 to 13.  The FRP is the biggest change to come to the IRP since all the states were required to join the Plan under federal law some twenty years ago. When Full Reciprocity takes effect in 2015, it will mean that every vehicle registered under the IRP will be automatically qualified every year for registration purposes to operate in all the 48 states, the District of Columbia, and the ten Canadian provinces. There will be no more trip permits for IRP vehicles, no estimated miles, and no fee for adding a new state in the middle of a year. The FRP will provide greater flexibility for thousands of trucking companies nationwide, especially smaller companies, and save both industry and government time and money now wasted on administrative hassle.  The ballot on leased vehicles, effective in July 2016, means that truck lessors will be able to consolidate their fleets of leased vehicles instead of having dozens or even hundreds of IRP fleets tied to where their lessees are located.


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