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Hours of Service Changes Taking Effect July 1st

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CVSA Issues Guidance on Out-of-Service Criteria for Hours of Service Changes Taking Effect July 1st

On June 27, 2013, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance issued a memo to its members clarifying how the out-of-service criteria would be impacted by the changes to the hours of service rules that take effect on July 1.

The memo confirms that drivers may be placed out-of-service for 60 or 70 hour violations when such violations result from a non-qualifying restart (e.g., did not include two nighttime periods from 1 – 5 a.m.or began within 168 hours of the beginning of the prior restart).

However, drivers will not be placed out-of-service when discovered to have violated the new 30-minute rest break requirement. Such violations may be noted on the roadside inspection report, but will not result in the driver being placed out-of-service.

[Note: Although not a uniform approach, CVSA has indicated that drivers found in violation may be required by some States to cease operating and immediately take a 30 minute break. However, this scenario will not result in an official out-of-service order affecting the carrier’s safety records.]

Also, CVSA’s position on rest break violations is subject to change as the organization is due to revisit the issue at its upcoming Annual Conference in September.


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