Mission and History

NATSA History

From the 1970’s through the 1990’s, Regulatory Service Providers for the transportation industry saw the benefit of forming alliances to share information and better serve their customers. In 1999, efforts were made to combine these alliances under one roof, and the North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA) was born. Through the years, NATSA leadership has guided, prepared and grown its membership to become the trucking industry’s premier regulatory compliance authority.

The NATSA Mission

  • To promote and protect the interests of the transportation services industry;
  • To assemble data and distribute information for the benefit of the membership, the public, and government;
  • To promote and protect the future welfare of the members by uniting in such common endeavors and such services and programs that may be deemed necessary by the membership or board of directors to benefit the members;
  • To assist in maintaining a spirit of cooperation among members for their mutual protection and benefit;
  • To strive to establish the highest possible standard of transportation services for the benefit of the trucking industry; and
  • To undertake and do all other things necessary or desirable for the advancement of the interests of the association, its membership or the public in furtherance of the transportation industry of North America.

NATSA Present and Future

Members of NATSA are committed to service with Best in Class operational and ethical standards. We work hand in hand with Carriers, Government, Enforcement, Trucking Associations and other service providers to promote and improve transportation safety and compliance.