• North American Transportation Services Association


North American Transportation Services Association is an association of transportation safety and compliance professionals serving the motor carrier industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With members in nearly every state and province, NATSA provides a network of agents that can provide expertise in fleet licensing, registration, permits, insurance, safety compliance, tax reporting and much more.

NATSA’s primary membership is comprised of nearly 600 trained transportation specialists who provide services to thousands of Carriers and influence to well over 250,000 trucks on the road today. Our ever-increasing associate membership list includes Carriers as well as other organizations, such as State Trucking Associations, IRP Inc., IFTA Inc., state DOT offices and other industry groups who find value in staying up to date on the latest issues regarding compliance and best practices within today’s trucking industry.

While members may come from various segments within the transportation industry and may even be competitors, each share the NATSA common core values of Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity. These values are paramount throughout the Association and are demonstrated in each member’s day to day business interactions between employees, customers, fellow NATSA members, industry and government partners. As each member manages these core values within their individual organization, elected Board Members and Officers have the additional obligation of upholding these values in the performance of their duties serving NATSA as an Association.

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